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At the hotel in Pittsburg, I decided that the night desk clerk was cute. I went back to request a wake-up call in person rather than calling. (I was unloading my bike, so I just rode it over to the lobby.) Then I was getting ice and I decided that I should ask for directions to the place the bike ride started.

She was tall and had a very short haircut. I was beside myself and didn't know what to to. I called a friend who said, "Go talk to her." Then I called [ profile] shrijani who said, "Go talk to her." Both suggested that I think of it as practice. After all, I am probably never going to see her again. Also, thinking that it doesn't have to lead to anything took the pressure off.

Since being able to talk to strangers is a prerequisite to meeting people, I got myself all cleaned up and I did it! I went and talked to her. I noticed that her name was Amy and I told her I was coming to talk to her because I wasn't sleepy and was traveling by myself. I asked if there was anything to do in Pittsburg beyond the usual college bars. (There wasn't.) I even went so far as to ask if she was a student and what was her major. (Too young! Still an undergrad.)

I thanked her for her help and went on back to my room. I know this doesn't seem like much, but to me that was a huge step. I am hopeless, it is true. I don't know how I expect myself to date when I can't even really talk to strangers. Obviously, I need more practice, and that's what this was.


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