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This was quite an eventful weekend. I had a friend visiting from out of town stay in my guest room. I am so grateful to have a guest room!

My first aikido teacher, Owen, also came through town to visit while on leave from the Army. We were all so shocked when he joined, but now that he is finished with Basic Training, he looks so happy! He is going to Monterrey, CA for a year to learn Arabic. He also visited the kids' aikido class I used to help him teach. He put the kids through some of his Army exercises. It was strenuous, but they loved it.

Japan Festival was also Saturday. Jana and I rocked the martial arts demo. We were just "special guests" of the Kansas City Ki-Aikido group, but we were able to bring the flash! After that, sake tasting and enjoying Japanese food.

Saturday's dinner was pumpkin pancakes at IHOP. I know, but the pancakes were delicious!

Today was one of those productive days with laundry, grocery buying, house cleaning, lesson planning, test grading, and lawn mowing. I even sat down for a while to read The Lost City of Z. It's a really good non-fiction book about explorers in the Amazon.

It almost feels like I get more weekend because I don't have to teach tomorrow. We are having Teacher In-Service. Boring meetings, but at least we get to go out for lunch!


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