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Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 16th) is the first day of school for us. Today was a good day of getting the room, the handouts, the rosters, and myself ready. I had a really good time with my new classroom roommate, AKA Super Teacher. It would figure that I would wind up liking her... I also bonded with another colleague who relatively recently became a Jehovah's Witness. Who'd have thought? She even makes jokes about going door-to-door. (She does it, but she still makes jokes!)

Early this evening there was a loud BOOM outside followed by a power outage and I got tired of not being able to get on the computer or cook my food, so I left for the gym. I wanted to work off any nervous energy and get myself good and tired so I will go to bed early and sleep well for a change.

I have not been sleeping well at all lately. I have been waking up every hour or two. Last night I slept with the window open, so I heard the neighbors having a small party until around 4:00 AM. They were just talking, but I could hear through the window. Then the trains started. I am trying an experiment tonight: No alcohol. That may actually help me sleep better. We shall see.


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