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My parents got me a copy of the HUGE KISS boxed set- 5 cds spanning their 30-year career.  Over 6 hours of music including demo versions, live recordings, and unreleased songs.  I love the book that comes with it where they talk about the songs.  Paul and Gene used to (and maybe still do) rewrite songs they liked into their own songs.  They tell you which songs they reworked.  Sometimes it is easy to see the similarity, and others it is quite a stretch.

I also got a breathable raincoat and backpack rain cover.  I now have almost all the equipment I need for my trek through Peru to Machu Picchu.  Unfortunately, it looks like I might have to wait until 2009 to go there.  This summer is supposed to be a return to Japan, which is hella-expensive. 

I also got some USB 2.0 stuff for my computer and like 5 dozen homemade cookies. 

[profile] shrijani and [personal profile] philrancid got me Godzilla Raids Again.  Nothing says the holidays like a giant lizard destroying Tokyo.  I fell asleep on the sofa watching it last night and look forward to doing so again. 

It took me 2 days to sleep off first semester before I even felt like doing anything.  Today I plan to clean my apartment, take in the recycling, and go to the gym.  Tonight some of the guys are getting together to practice aikido and I may join them. 

Listening to all this KISS has me wanting to pick up my guitar, so I hope to do that as well!  Guitar Hero is fun, but when I jam by myself no one is keeping score and I get to pick any song I want to play (or just make something  up!). 


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