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I reviewed last summer's journal and I found it lacking in content. I should be writing. I promise myself every summer that I will get into writing in a big, big way. I have not done much reading, though, so in a way I feel out of the loop. I am going to spend more time reading, too.

Reading, writing, and playing guitar. I played along to a Rush album tonight, which is something I used to love doing as a teenager. I can jam along like part of the band! It was fun. My chops are a bit rusty, though. I can polish them up with more practice.

Oh yeah, and biking. I have gone 34 miles this week and should achieve my 50-mile-a-week goal and then some.

Writing in my journal is a big compromise. I don't know if I can really count that.

I want to read some short story magazines and get a feel for the types of stories that folks are writing these days. I don't really know where to start with those. I think I would enjoy hanging out in the book store coffee shop and reading fiction magazines. I could hang out by the pool and read them there, too.

As long as I have some kind of plan, I can keep from being a total slug through the summers off. I have the beginnings of a plan now.
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I am having a really hard time doing anything today. I read a dumb paperback novel that I started yesterday, mostly to compare it to my own. I do think my story is better. That is not to say that I think what I have written is pure genius, but I hope it will be an entertaining read with occasional thought-provoking bits. I really wanted to write characters that were interesting and had mostly good intentions, like the rest of us! I am going to finish editing that manuscript and work on getting it published. I think folks will like it. There is enough crap that DOES get published, so why wouldn't mine be accepted?

My second novel has potential. I am actually writing it with a plan in mind, what a concept!

I was bored enough to do some cleaning today. Ecch!

I don't feel like riding my bike. Blah...

I need to run some errands, but that's dull. Maybe it is time to open the beer.

I go back to teaching Thursday, August 11. Faculty breakfast, work day in our classrooms, Friday In-service about using music in teaching foreign language. (I think I will bring a book, and my guitar.) Monday is another work day and Tuesday is the First Day of School. It is perhaps a symptom of some illness, but I look forward to seeing the other teachers and meeting my 150-or-so new students.

Meanwhile, I have New Belgium Trippel and some Scotch Ale to work on...


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