pamelonian: (Default)
pamelonian ([personal profile] pamelonian) wrote2011-11-22 10:33 pm

Score Another for the Fang Patrol

My cats were playing with a small, grey, furry animal.  I soon discovered that it was dead.  I had hoped it was a mouse, but upon inspection, I think it was a baby mole.  They were quite proud of themselves and were disappointed when I took it away from them.  They immediately went back into the garage to try to capture another.  That brings the death toll to three skinks, a baby snake, and now a baby mole.  (Not to mention countless insects.)  I am still waiting for them to kill a mouse, but I am confident in their abilities should the opportunity present itself.  That's their job, what they are paid to do!    I am so proud of my cats!  I can't say who delivered the killing bite, because I think they work together. 

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