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When you have pets, you develop certain habits living with them.  You watch your step in the dark and never leave the door open when bringing stuff into the house.  Also, you never leave food unattended or glasses within reach of paws that may knock them over.  I also make sure my dresser drawer is closed so the cat can't pull my clothes out.  You always put the lid down on the toilet and try not to put clothing on the bed or on furniture where the cat will inevitably decide to lie down and deposit fur.  I make sure to tuck my laces into my shoes because cats love to play with strings. 

I am sure there are others, but these are the things I catch myself doing when my cat has been gone for over a week.  

I still notice myself looking for her before I leave, when I come home, and when I wake up.  I check to make sure she didn't get outside when carrying laundry or groceries in.  I still glance over where the food and water was kept to make sure she has enough.  Then I see the empty space on the floor.  

I got a sympathy card from the vet today.  That was nice.  


Sep. 13th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Since now all I have is memories, I am going to do my best to hold onto them. Please allow me to indulge myself in remembering my sweet kitty.  

Twilight first came to us on New Year's of 1993.  [ profile] shrijani 's friend's mother brought her to us in a blizzard.  When you get a new pet, you usually change the name they came with, but her name was Twilight and we didn't have to change it.  We called her Velcro Kitty or Buttocks Kitty because she used to launch herself at people and stick to where-ever she could stick, a skirt, jeans, some buttocks.  

She had a "Stupid Pet Trick" where she would climb on top of the towel turban whenever [ profile] shrijani  would come out of the shower.  All her life, she could climb around my shoulders like a stole if I wore a sweatshirt.  She never liked to be picked up, but she would often climb up on her own.

If I would lie on the sofa to read or watch TV, she would climb on my tummy.  She slept on Jones, our big black white-footed cat, using him as a pillow. IMG_0016  

She would also have him bathe her, not wanting to allow herself to get hairballs. IMG_0166 

She never had much interest in people food or in going outside.  She was the softest, sweetest kitty I ever knew, with her beautiful green eyes and black stripes on silver, grey, and orange fur. 

The summer after we got her, a funnel cloud passed right over our apartment complex and dropped a tornado on the Lawrence airport.  That funnel was the blackest thing I ever saw in the sky.  We were on a 3rd floor apartment, so our only refuge was the bathroom.  When the sirens went off, we all went into the bathtub.  I think she responded more to our fear than anything else, but ever since then she was afraid of loud noises.  

She was a bit of a Fraidy Cat.  When I had cat-sitters come over she would hide until after a few days when she realized it would be safe to come out.  Coming home from a trip was just the best because Twi would follow me around the house.  

Her "meow-er" was "broken."  She couldn't really meow, but would silent meow or peep.  I  really loved that about her.

She slept up by my shoulder every night.  I really miss that.  I also miss that she always chased strings (like my shoelaces) and would dump over drinks to get the straw.  When I would leave my dresser drawer open, even a little bit, she would dig out my clothes and make a nest.

She slept in my laundry basket.  I think she was born in one, and it always made her feel safe. These are my memories of my little kitty. Though she was almost 16 years old, she was always my baby. I called her Beebee, or Bee, for short. Today I picked up her ashes. I know she is really gone forever.
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I say this because I just went to the Health Department and let them give me a tetanus shot.  (My shots have to be current to work at the Animal Shelter).  My last tetanus shot was in the Great Flood of 1993.  They said if you had contact with flood waters that you could have a free shot.  I recall being splashed by flood water, which is gross, but I am grateful to have been living in a 3rd floor apartment and not having my home get flooded.  I got my free shot and let it lapse only 4 years until my booster.

The nurse who gave me the shot was good.  She got me talking and I felt just the lightest touch.  I looked at my arm (I never watch them give me shots) and she was putting the band-aid on.  I thanked her for giving me the best shot ever.  I expect a little soreness, but so far I am fine. 

Now I am thinking about getting Twilight her shots in case I brought some disease home from the Shelter.  As an indoor cat, I am rather reluctant to get her any vaccinations.  She also REALLY hates to leave the house or ride in a car.

Too cute for shots!


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