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I submitted an online order for the movers. I have not heard back from the town homes and I don't even know if they have accepted my rental application, let alone if any units will become available in August. I still need to reserve the movers NOW if I expect to have any hope of them being available on July 31st.

It was an interesting experience going through all of my stuff to see what large items I have, estimate how many boxes I will need, and determine a dollar value for all of my possessions.  I suspect that I estimated too low, but I suppose I can live with having them add on to the estimate later. Actually, some of this old hand-me-down furniture I have may just go to the dumpster. I don't know if I want it in my new place.

My new place. I have pretty much embraced the idea of moving. I just don't know where yet. I am seriously considering talking to [ profile] shrijani 's awesome real estate agent and seeing if I can afford to buy my own town home.  Some cozy little place with a garage and my own washer and dryer.  They will hopefully take care of yard work and snow removal.  That's my dream right now.  I don't need much to be happy. 

Alas, I was hoping to travel this summer, but lately the destinations I have chosen have had some kind of disaster.  Peru- mudslides, Chile- earthquakes, and Mexico- swine flu.  I am afraid to plan a trip anywhere else for fear of provoking another catastrophe!  Looks like this summer I will be going to Boulder again for the National Ki Aikido Seminar with the International President of our style.  He's flying in from Japan.  This is going to be a big deal.  Though I have seen him already at least 5 times, there is always more to learn.  Not to mention the fact that Boulder is a great town with great people who I love to visit!

So my housing upgrade is still moving forward.  Once I set my mind in a direction, the rest of me will follow.  If only I can get up the nerve, or gumption, or whatever it takes to call that real estate agent...


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