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A Thanksgiving conversation starring my parents:

Dad: I bought us a 12-pound turkey.

Mom: That won't be big enough. I like to have leftovers.

Dad: You always give away the leftovers...

Mom: That's the fun part!

My family is not big on verbal expressions of caring. We seem to prefer gestures such as gifts and bags of leftovers. My dad sometimes slips me a few extra bucks when I leave for one of my trips. Mom got her 18-pound turkey, and I have bags of leftovers in my fridge.

We had a nice holiday dinner, but my brother didn't make it. He and his "Baby Momma" got in a fight and she took the baby to her parents' house. My brother didn't feel like celebrating and none of the rest of us got to see my nephew. We had some turkey and some Spanish wine. I had some heartburn and some Rolaids. After my stomach settled we had the pumpkin pie and I went home.

So far I have biked 44 miles since Wednesday. Pretty good considering I thought the bike would be idle until March! I was riding downtown when some guy in the crosswalk commented on the beautiful weather. Then he said, "That's a good-looking bike!" I was beaming. Everyone likes to hear others think their Significant Other is good-looking!


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