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We are now starting Week 6 of the school year. Week. Six. Wow! It goes by so fast.

I am having what could be the best year of my life as a teacher. My classes are pretty small and they respond to me very well, the way they should. They laugh at my jokes and do what they are supposed to do in class. Most of them do their homework. I love when I plan lessons, teach them, and everything turns out the way it should. It is a rare enough experience for me to cherish it when it comes.

I taught Indirect Object Pronouns today. This is never an easy lesson. I don't think the students know what they are in English, let alone in another language. The lesson seemed to work! The kids seemed to get it!

I am almost 3 weeks ahead of where I was last year, which is a good thing because they want us to cover more chapters than we did last year.

I don't seem to have the troublemakers this year. I don't know who got them, but I sure lucked out. This is an entry I need to tag because my job is not always like this.

We keep hearing horror stories about how next year will not be anywhere near this good. I have made a conscious effort not to let myself worry over things that have not happened or may not happen.
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I have one night off this week, and this is it.  I work volleyball games, have Parent-Teacher Conferences, and aikido testing the rest of the week.

I am slowly feeling better.  Work is where it all makes sense.  I even woke up this morning with an idea for a creative and fun review activity for my Spanish 2 class.  I won't bore the world with the activity here, but I stayed late after work to get it ready, and I am even going to work on it tonight at my computer.  

You can put a little effort into teaching or a lot.  I know that the days go by much more smoothly when I put more effort into it as opposed to the difficult days when I know I did very little to prepare.  Things I don't like about my job:  Grading papers and typing.  (Ironic that I hate typing since so much of my life is consumed with it.)  I wouldn't mind creating tests if it weren't for all the damn typing.  I want to copy/paste from other sources!  I hate Word tables.  The feeling is mutual, since they never want to do what I ask...

Tonight a big orange striped tomcat came to visit me.  He was a very friendly guy.  He sat with me for a few minutes outside and let me pet his tummy.  I went in to get my camera and he was gone.  It was nice to get some kitty love!
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Someone wanted to borrow my guitar. I might have agreed to it a couple of weeks ago, but now I have been recording every night. A lot of it is very derivative, bit what the hell? I have some things to say and music may be the forum. Expressing myself through music is much more visceral. I need physical expression right now. I spend a lot of time in my head. I want to reach out more.

Thursday I must buy gis for kids' aikido and see Little Miss Sunshine. I will probably just go by myself. It is Cheap Beer Night at Liberty Hall. I can get Free State draughts for 1/2 price! Seeing this movie was an "assignment" from my violinist friend.

I finally broke down and bought some damn Claritin. I cannot tell a lie. It was the store-brand equivalent. I don't need this trickly sore throat and cough. I never used to have allergies, and it pisses me off that they should appear now. I also don't like that the affluent don't have to suffer symptoms. We can simply take a pill. It is not right.

The kinds of complaints people have about their jobs I don't seem to have. I teach my Spanish 1 classes on Monday and Wednesday. They make me work harder at corralling them and shushing them. We seem to have established a rapport and the rhythm is almost there. I even like my job a little today. Ask me again next week, when I have 2 exams, progress reports, and a project coming in. I am nowhere near as tired as I have been the last 2 weeks. That is unfortunate because I should be in bed right now.
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A girl from the Journal-World (the local newspaper) came by kids' aikido class and took some pictures of them rolling, me throwing them, them throwing each other. They should be in next Wednesday's Game section of the paper. Her editor just told her to come down. She called first, and we asked all the parents' permission to let their children be photographed (you have to do that these days). I do enjoy throwing children around. Funny thing is, they enjoy me throwing them.

Because of aikido stuff, I could not go to the gym or ride my bike. It is now getting dark sooner, and while I will ride at night, I won't go down any country roads which is my greatest biking pleasure.

Carpooling is still going well. We are keeping to the schedule and I will be saving $80-$100 a month!

Teaching went well today. Even my worst class wasn't so bad. There were extended periods of time where they were quiet and paying attention. Wow! We all need a chance to settle in to a new routine. I now want to be doing better at my first class. I feel so disorganized starting first hour cold.
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I have a very public job. I get up in front of a room full of teenagers and charm and coax and cajole and occasionally threaten a new language out of them. I interact with many other teachers and staff members throughout the day. How is it that I seem to be rather shy or social phobic? It doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe I am not really that shy. I have often felt that the shy me is not the real me, that it is some kind of mask.

Then again, what do I know? Maybe the public me is the fake one. Maybe they are all parts of the real me. Maybe I am just a complex personality.

I enjoy performing. I will sing or play guitar in front of others and I tend to view my classes as performances. Sometimes I don't see the students. I am watching them, aware of what they are doing, but I don't SEE them. That really makes no sense, but if you were in my head recalling my classes today, it would be clear. Once I set things in motion, events tend to take on lives of their own. It's a good thing in that it allows me to monitor the students and multi-task to an extent.

Teaching is never dull (not to me, anyway) except when giving tests. That is not very interesting to watch.

Being around all those people all day could explain why I like quiet time alone. I tend to avoid places that have a lot of children, especially loud ones!
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I enjoyed going back to the school and seeing all the other teachers. I stayed up until 12:00, and had to get up at 5:00. I didn't sleep through the night, either. I kept waking up. In my caffeine-enhanced haze I made it until lunch, for which we actually got to leave and eat at a restaurant (a luxury those of us in education seldom get to enjoy).

We got no work done in our classrooms (although Super Teacher managed to decorate and rearrange "our" classroom before I even arrived). My fellow Spanish teachers admitted to feeling intimidated by her. It is easy to do. They also admitted that they thought I got screwed because due to my building seniority, I could have had my own classroom and ST should have had to travel from room to room. Luckily, I don't care much about having and decorating my own room.

Someone asked if I had any interest in teaching Spanish 3 & 4 (the levels that my former roomie left vacant). Who wouldn't? I was afraid this might happen. If all anyone sees is me teaching Spanish 1, they begin to think that I am beneath them and that my language proficiency is also less-advanced. (Not true, I could kick any of their asses at Spanish. I am good at what I do.)

Turns out my department chair was in Spain when all this went down. I like to think she might at least have asked me about getting my own classroom or what levels I would want to teach. My goal for this year is making my feelings known, but not in a bitchy or nagging way.

Tomorrow is a Foreign Language teacher workshop. We have an afternoon session about using songs in our classes. (I think I will bring my guitar). I wonder if Super Teacher can play guitar. (She probably can!)


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