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The start of school has been exhausting! The kids have a lot of energy. I get it from them and I try to give it back. It is a really cool process that I feel honored to be a part of.

I have many, many WONDERFUL students! I need to keep that in mind because already I have spotted a few pains in the butt. They would have to be the last class of the day. I really need to remember that is more about them than me. I am excited about teaching Spanish 2 again this year. When I transferred to West they had me teach only Spanish 1 all day long. Now there are 2 other teachers with Spanish 1 and I get to teach some Spanish 2 classes. Many of them are students I had last year. We are happy to see each other. I like that.

I am almost back into a rhythm for the new school year. When I got back in front of students, it felt really good. "Oh yeah, this is what I do." I mean, I also teach aikido, but my gig is teaching high school. When I am doing it, I remember why I like it. It is work, don't get me wrong, and there are many aspects of the job I don't like, but this is OK for now.

Swiffer products have changed my life!! I actually have a clean apartment thanks to them. I hate dusting, but Swiffer dusters make it almost pleasant. Swiffer mops don't bother the excema on my hands. I was considering hiring a someone to clean my house with my raise money this year. I may be able to get by without that and spend that money on fun things!


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