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The first week of school went very well, thank you very much! I have more wonderful children and a few delinquents. I feel like West is where I belong. This is a BIG DEAL, because I have never felt like I fit in anywhere before. The students laugh at my jokes (when they are funny) and even say Hi to me in the halls.

The Spanish 2 teachers both told me that the students I sent to them are wonderful. They know the material, and they have a good attitude towards Spanish. That is my job- to sell them on the language and on continuing to study it.

Super Teacher and I have bonded. She burned me a cd of all her files that she used while teaching Spanish 1 & 2 in Middle school. I have been trying to help her adjust to high school so that our relationship is mutually beneficial. I have been doing my Random Acts of Kindness, and not just to suck up. I really like my coworkers and enjoy doing nice things for them, like picking up their copies from the production center while I am going to get mine.

I like Super Teacher now because she has admitted to feeling overwhelmed by teaching two new levels of Spanish. She is human, after all, and is keeping just one step ahead of the students. I know that feeling. I have been teaching Spanish 1 for like 15 years, so the job is almost too easy for me. I wouldn't mind a new challenge.
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Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 16th) is the first day of school for us. Today was a good day of getting the room, the handouts, the rosters, and myself ready. I had a really good time with my new classroom roommate, AKA Super Teacher. It would figure that I would wind up liking her... I also bonded with another colleague who relatively recently became a Jehovah's Witness. Who'd have thought? She even makes jokes about going door-to-door. (She does it, but she still makes jokes!)

Early this evening there was a loud BOOM outside followed by a power outage and I got tired of not being able to get on the computer or cook my food, so I left for the gym. I wanted to work off any nervous energy and get myself good and tired so I will go to bed early and sleep well for a change.

I have not been sleeping well at all lately. I have been waking up every hour or two. Last night I slept with the window open, so I heard the neighbors having a small party until around 4:00 AM. They were just talking, but I could hear through the window. Then the trains started. I am trying an experiment tonight: No alcohol. That may actually help me sleep better. We shall see.


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