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I rode my bike down 9th Street to begin my ride today. There was a group of young men on the corner with a sign that said, "You honk, we drink." I laughed and yelled "honk honk" at them, so they drank. I thought, "Fools! What a waste of time." Here it is 3:00 on a beautiful, sunny Tuesday afternoon in Lawrence and that is all they could come up with to do.

Then I thought, they are enjoying a gorgeous day. How is that a waste of time? What would I most like to be doing?

I have been caught up thinking I have to do something, be productive with my days off. Why? It is summer vacation. They call it VACATION for a reason. If my epitaph were to read, "She thoroughly enjoyed her last summer," I would be OK with that. I opened a beer when I came home.

Today I read by the pool, rode my bike 16 miles, had a couple of beers in the afternoon. Tonight I am going to aikido. Sounds like a perfect day to me.
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I will be back at school. We will not be doing any real work, just sitting through In-Service. On the first day the principals all take turns going over stuff that we need to know to get by this year. I do look forward to catching up with the other teachers. We do not see each other at all over the summer. Maybe it is because I live in another town. Maybe we just like to separate our school lives from out summer lives.

Today, though, I am riding my bike and calling the bike repair shop about the replacement wheel. Then I have Kids' Aikido Class.

My last weekend of summer will be a trip to Colorado. It is an aikido weapons seminar and campout. Our national chief instructor will be there and it is always a fun time. Camping near Ft. Collins at 9000 feet should be just the thing to beat the August heat.
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There are only 3 more weeks of summer left for me. I am starting to think about the school year. I see teenagers around town and I bite back the urge to tell them to shut up. It's almost a reflex.

I am thinking about shopping for school clothes (yes, I still do that after all these years). I am thinking about how to start my classes. I want to give them a taste of the world travel adventures that are possible through learning Spanish. I want to make it understood that I have a 2nd degree black belt in aikido.

I hope I can still have fun, go to night classes and keep riding my bike. I must clean my apartment really well before the school year starts because I don't seem to have the time or energy while I am teaching.

Speaking of biking, the Bike Club ride that I went on tonight was the Newcomers Ride. I am not necessarily a newcomer, but riding by myself all these years I have not really learned how to improve my technique. There were experienced bikers giving pointers and helping with maintenance and nutrition issues. Again, it was a ride I have done many times by myself, but it is different with a group of people.
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Change is stressful. Even supposedly "good" change brings about a certain degree of stress. I have been mostly stress-free all summer long, and tomorrow I go back to teaching. We will have the usual 3 days of in-service, meetings, and time to prepare the rooms (and ourselves) before classes start on Tuesday.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to it. I have been getting quite restless here lately and it will be good to be able to occupy my mind with daily minutiae. (I haven't used that word in a while!) The main difference the change brings is the daily need to get up early, leave at 6:15 or so in order to arrive in Kansas City by 7:00ish. I can do it; I have been for years. It is funny how quickly I forget what it is like and what I do all day...

I have been having the school dreams again. There is the one where I can't find my classroom and I am wandering the hallways lost until the class is practically over! Or the one where I show up in the morning with absolutely nothing prepared and a room full of teenagers are looking at me like, "If you can't occupy us, we will think of something!" (I can, and have adlibbed a lesson before, but that can only happen well into the school year when a rhythm and a routine have been established. The day can run itself if the pattern has been set.)

Anyway, back to today. It seems too hot and humid to ride my bike. There is aikido class tonight, and I have been sitting on my butt reading. I guess that is an OK way to spend my last day of summer. I think there will be more beer involved.


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