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[ profile] nynomi, this one's for you! Are you familiar with the microbrew Saranac? They are in Utica, NY. That's just 135 miles from you according to Mapquest. I will warn you that I have been screwed over by Mapquest twice before. I am enjoying a black ale called "Black Forest." It is malty and sweet, but I like them that way. They have all kinds of brews...

One of my new favorites is MacTarnahan's Highlander Pale Ale. The brewery is in Portland, but it is just what you want in a pale ale. Refreshing and complex...

Finally, Vergina is the only beer from Greece I have ever seen. I had to try it. The beer is just a lager and nothing special, except that is from Greece!

Today I eventually motivated myself to go biking. I did my Lakeview Lake run and saw a vulture in the road nibbling on a HUGE fish. How did the fish get in the road? I have no idea, it was way too big for the vulture to have fished out of there.
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Change is stressful. Even supposedly "good" change brings about a certain degree of stress. I have been mostly stress-free all summer long, and tomorrow I go back to teaching. We will have the usual 3 days of in-service, meetings, and time to prepare the rooms (and ourselves) before classes start on Tuesday.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to it. I have been getting quite restless here lately and it will be good to be able to occupy my mind with daily minutiae. (I haven't used that word in a while!) The main difference the change brings is the daily need to get up early, leave at 6:15 or so in order to arrive in Kansas City by 7:00ish. I can do it; I have been for years. It is funny how quickly I forget what it is like and what I do all day...

I have been having the school dreams again. There is the one where I can't find my classroom and I am wandering the hallways lost until the class is practically over! Or the one where I show up in the morning with absolutely nothing prepared and a room full of teenagers are looking at me like, "If you can't occupy us, we will think of something!" (I can, and have adlibbed a lesson before, but that can only happen well into the school year when a rhythm and a routine have been established. The day can run itself if the pattern has been set.)

Anyway, back to today. It seems too hot and humid to ride my bike. There is aikido class tonight, and I have been sitting on my butt reading. I guess that is an OK way to spend my last day of summer. I think there will be more beer involved.
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I forced myself to go on a little 10-mile bike ride today. I sat around in my bike clothes for at least 30 minutes trying to motivate myself. I am glad I went, but it was hard prying my ass off the sofa. Nothing could get me moving yesterday, so maybe this journal entry will remind me in the future.

I went north of town to Lakeview Lake (still the dumbest name for a lake that I have heard). The ride goes past the Del Monte factory where they make dog food. I hear it is "Kibbles and Bits." That's the same Del Monte that makes people food, now... They sure were cooking the kibbles today, or whatever they do to make the stuff. I can't imagine living near the place. What an aroma!

Wildlife experiences: Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, fish jumping in the lake, 4 vultures in a harvested field. (There are always vultures.)

An old dude passed me on his bike and said, "Too hot!" I agreed. Then I caught up with him and he turned. His legs looked like he had been riding for many years. It was good to see him because I occasionally let myself believe I am too old for _________ (fill-in-the-blank). Obviously, not true!


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