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The Century (100-mile bike ride) is the marathon of cycling, the ultimate challenge and all that. I decided to go for it on the Pittsburg ride. I wound up taking a short cut and only going 85 miles. Total time was 7 hours, with 5 hrs 45 minutes on the bike. I had an average speed of 15 mph, unless you add in the rest stops, which brings it down to 12 mph.

My knees again were objecting most loudly. They were screaming, "You should have done the 60-mile ride!" Also the sitting on the bicycle seat was getting to me again. I may need to look into a women's-specific saddle or some bike shorts with a gel insert strategically placed.

All in all, it was a positive experience. I didn't sleep well being in a strange town in a hotel by myself. The weather was beautiful, though, and the winds were mild. 85 miles is a personal best, and I am proud of the accomplishment. There is always next year to complete a whole Century.

I was surprised at how not sore I am now after the 2-hour drive home, but then I remembered that I took 4 ibuprophen...
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I am totally overpacked for a simple overnight stay. I am about to leave for Pittsburg, Kansas so I can go on a 100-mile bike tour tomorrow. I have never attempted a "Century" before and I still don't know if I will do it tomorrow. There is a 60-mile option, which I know I can do. The terrain down south, I am told, is flat, which is a major draw for me. Don't get me started on Kansas being flat! We may not have mountains but the hills can be a bitch, especially on a bike and fighting a wind.

Back to the overpacking. I don't know if there is anything to do down there on a Saturday night, so I brought items to keep me entertained. I brought my mp3 player, my book journal, my camera, and a cooler for beer. I think I also have a book to read in addition to my bike stuff, shower stuff, sleep stuff, and a change or two of clothes. That's a lot of stuff for a simple overnight!


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