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I had a health screen this morning at my place! I had to get one for this insurance I am getting, and the nurse said she could come to me. I was reluctant, but she said I had to fast beforehand. I am all about food, and did not like the idea of going without just so I could get my blood taken. She offered to come first thing in the morning. So here I was at 8:00 on a Saturday morning picking up beer bottles in my living room before the nurse arrived.

She asked me a series of invasive health-related questions, weighed me, and measured my height. 5'4" (and a half!) 133 lb. I liked that result, although when I was swimming 4x a week and doing cardio kickboxing (and not drinking much beer) I was down to 120. I still say it is my developed leg and glute muscles adding some pounds.

She took my pulse, which was up because I was feeling anxiety about having blood drawn. I have small veins, and my experience has been horrible. It has taken multiple sticks in both arms and bruising (sometimes crying) to get any blood out of me. The Red Cross even turns me away as a donor.

She took the blood out of THE BACK OF MY HAND! I whimpered a little when she stuck me, but the blood was shooting out that juicy vein. I am glad I was in my living room, and she was very good about chatting with me about teaching in order to distract me. My cat Twilight was worried about me and got right between me and the nurse wondering what was going on with the red tube.

I can't begin to express how relieved I am that the exam is over. The nurse advised me not to donate blood, because it could wear out my veins and I may need them in tact in case of emergency. I have always wanted to donate blood, but I just can't. Maybe someone could go an extra time for me...


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