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As I woke up this morning I felt a little grain of something fall into my left eye! I had to stay where I was and listen to the alarm beeping for a while because I could not open my eyes or turn my head. After driving to work with my eye watering, I went to the school nurse and she flushed my eye out with eye solution. It felt better, stopped watering, but still hurt! At my co-workers' urging, I went to the doctor. After putting in orange dye and using fluorescent light, he found a teeny tiny scratch. He prescribed some drops and I came home. I passed on the eye patch, but have tied a bandana over the affected eye. I look like a wounded soldier instead of a pirate!

What bothers me is that this EXACT same thing happened about 3 weeks ago, only this time was worse. Here's the documented proof:

What the hell?
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The Sandman dropped something into my eye as I was turning to shut off my alarm yesterday morning. I think it scratched my eyeball, because it still hurts today. Mean old Sandman!

Well, day one of vacation involved decorating my winter holiday tree, watching Xena (The Legend, for those in the know), some shopping, visiting and walking [ profile] shrijani's dog, dinner at the Aladdin Café, and watching the pilot episode of The L Word with a friend who has never seen it. I still haven't managed to finish that wine, though I am still trying.


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