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I did it! I got myself all dolled-up (well, as dolled-up as I get) and walked Tiri up and down Mass Street. She enjoyed it and so did I. This dog is so well-behaved. She doesn't like to relieve herself in public, so there were no embarrassing situations. She is a people magnet, but unfortunately, there were not many people out when we went. She did meet a few other dogs. She loves small dogs, but she has to posture and act all tough when she meets a big dog. We know it's all an act!

I tried to secure her leash and go inside Henry's to get her some water and myself some coffee, but she started whining and barking. I think with [ profile] shrijani on vacation and ex-roommate out of the house she has some abandonment issues. I couldn't leave her... On the way home I went through the drive-through of Z's and the girl gave Tiri a dog biscuit. At least, I think it was for the dog... The iced Americano I had was divine. They even had Splenda!

The evening ended with aikido, a beer at The Bourgeois Pig, and some wine at home. Not bad at all, I would say.
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I had planned to take the dog down Mass Street tonight. I wish I had, because the weather had cooled and a nice breeze picked up. Unfortunately, I fell asleep from around 5:00-6:30. (I must be practicing for the school year.) When I woke up, I fixed dinner and lifted weights at the Community Center. Then I got home and saw a picture of Reneé O'Connor (Xena's sidekick, Gabrielle) and it made me want to turn around and get right back in the weight room! I do sword work in aikido, but it is too precise and technical to get to live out any warrior woman fantasies (Most of the time, anyway). I hope Neighbor Teen is taking good care of [ profile] shrijani's animals because I can't make it out there tonight.

I think I solved the breaking-and-entering laundry problem. I hid [ profile] shrijani's detergent so the ex-roommate will have to bring his own or just wash his clothing elsewhere.
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I went to check on [ profile] shrijani's doggie today and her dryer was running. I thought maybe Neighbor Teen was washing something, but then, her parents have a machine... I peeked inside and unless she wears BVD's, a man broke in and was doing laundry. I didn't have to guess that is was none other than [ profile] shrijani's ex. Apparently, even though he has moved out he still has a key to the house. Ew! I say as soon as the she is back from her trip, we are changing the locks. He has probably ascertained that she is out of town, and may even come sleep in [ profile] shrijani's bed. Double EW!! Maybe I should go back there and check...

If anyone cares, I took some fresh shots of my haircut and dye from today. (I totally ripped this idea off from [ profile] shrijani.)
Salon shots behind the cut. )

I can SEE!

Aug. 2nd, 2005 10:25 pm
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My computer monitor was slowly going dark, so I posted on the "lawrence ks" community asking if anyone had an old one that was just sitting around gathering dust. It turns out, someone did and all I had to do was pick it up. I am now the proud owner of a flat-screen 17" monitor. (Not one of those skinny ones, but it sure is an upgrade from the 14" I was using!) So this monitor kicks ass and I got to meet a really interesting person. I hope to be able to pay it forward one day if I have something that I am not using that someone else needs.

I walked [ profile] shrijani's dog, but I didn't take her to Mass Street. I am thinking to do that on Thursday. She is staying in her own house tonight.

Talking to the Financial Planner today was about what I expected. We are discussing "Socially Responsible" investments, because that is important to me. I also need to pay down my debts, take 15 graduate hours this year, and travel to the Galápagos (and/or whatever aikido trip happens to come up). I just don't need the headache of home ownership right now. Frankly, it is not that important to me. It is just one of those things I "should" do, like having insurance. (To me it is about that exciting.)

I can live with what I am trying to accomplish right now. I was scared to death of buying a home. I will free myself of the debts and have a respectable down payment. I will have a cool place to live when I am ready. Meanwhile, I love the location of my place (near 9th and Michigan).
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Tiri didn't much care for staying at my place. She kept away from the cats and basically followed me around from room to room. At 5:00 in the morning she heard something and began BARKING loudly.

I have a couple of appointments in Kansas City today. I am going to drop Tiri off at her house on the way there. Maybe tonight we will go downtown.


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