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BIG thanks to our friend Carly in Boulder for letting three of us "camp" on her living room floor tomorrow night.  We get to hang out in Boulder and see "Happy Thursday," when a bunch of Boulderites wearing various costumes ride bikes around the city.  (I sooo would do that if I could bring my bike this time.) 

Friday, we are headed to Fort Collins to tour New Belgium Brewery.  There are supposed to be free samples involved!  After the tour, we head to Jacks Gulch campground.  Friday night is set-up and socializing.  Saturday and Sunday is weapons training camp with Kashiwaya Sensei, our national chief instructor and all-around great guy!  This is a great chance to camp with aikido friends from here and all over the region, and try to whack them with sticks!

Sunday night we return.  Monday morning I report to my school for the start of the year.  We have 3 days of In-service and getting ready.  Classes start Thursday, the 17th.  I am so glad to start on a Thursday.  When we start on a Monday, I TOTALLY lose my voice.  It is better to ease into things. 

**No one made noise at the pool last night! 
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I will be back at school. We will not be doing any real work, just sitting through In-Service. On the first day the principals all take turns going over stuff that we need to know to get by this year. I do look forward to catching up with the other teachers. We do not see each other at all over the summer. Maybe it is because I live in another town. Maybe we just like to separate our school lives from out summer lives.

Today, though, I am riding my bike and calling the bike repair shop about the replacement wheel. Then I have Kids' Aikido Class.

My last weekend of summer will be a trip to Colorado. It is an aikido weapons seminar and campout. Our national chief instructor will be there and it is always a fun time. Camping near Ft. Collins at 9000 feet should be just the thing to beat the August heat.


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