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A girl from the Journal-World (the local newspaper) came by kids' aikido class and took some pictures of them rolling, me throwing them, them throwing each other. They should be in next Wednesday's Game section of the paper. Her editor just told her to come down. She called first, and we asked all the parents' permission to let their children be photographed (you have to do that these days). I do enjoy throwing children around. Funny thing is, they enjoy me throwing them.

Because of aikido stuff, I could not go to the gym or ride my bike. It is now getting dark sooner, and while I will ride at night, I won't go down any country roads which is my greatest biking pleasure.

Carpooling is still going well. We are keeping to the schedule and I will be saving $80-$100 a month!

Teaching went well today. Even my worst class wasn't so bad. There were extended periods of time where they were quiet and paying attention. Wow! We all need a chance to settle in to a new routine. I now want to be doing better at my first class. I feel so disorganized starting first hour cold.
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Today at school was a good day. I feel good about what we did and everything went well. I saw my Seminar class for the first time and though I usually hate babysitting, they behaved today! Today is the day I have hall duty, Spanish 2 twice, then Seminar. I feel like I am getting back in the academic groove! I have everything prepared for the rest of the week and Parents Night is this Thursday.

I am starting the carpool tomorrow and I am psyched about conserving fossil fuels and putting fewer pollutants into the atmosphere! (Saving money is cool, too!)


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