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We are now starting Week 6 of the school year. Week. Six. Wow! It goes by so fast.

I am having what could be the best year of my life as a teacher. My classes are pretty small and they respond to me very well, the way they should. They laugh at my jokes and do what they are supposed to do in class. Most of them do their homework. I love when I plan lessons, teach them, and everything turns out the way it should. It is a rare enough experience for me to cherish it when it comes.

I taught Indirect Object Pronouns today. This is never an easy lesson. I don't think the students know what they are in English, let alone in another language. The lesson seemed to work! The kids seemed to get it!

I am almost 3 weeks ahead of where I was last year, which is a good thing because they want us to cover more chapters than we did last year.

I don't seem to have the troublemakers this year. I don't know who got them, but I sure lucked out. This is an entry I need to tag because my job is not always like this.

We keep hearing horror stories about how next year will not be anywhere near this good. I have made a conscious effort not to let myself worry over things that have not happened or may not happen.


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