Flu Shot

Oct. 16th, 2011 01:35 am
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I got my flu shot yesterday, plus a TDAP shot, which is tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. That's right, folks, the Whooping Cough has made a comeback. The comeback is due to lots of people who don't like immunizations. WTF? Anyway, though I had the shot as a baby, they thought I should get a booster. The shots kicked my butt, and I spent most of today asleep on my recliner. Both of my shoulders are sore, which wouldn't be a big deal but I need my shoulders to roll on in aikido. I know, wahhh! These are first world problems. I get a few hours of annoyance from some shots that many people can't even get. I will not be getting Whooping Cough or flu this season because at my level of middle classdom, I can get shots. I often think about how my income level affects my ability to deal with health issues. I can afford to get pills to curb my allergy symptoms, I can get a flu shot. I even have insurance to cover my insomnia issues. Not fair that those who don't earn what I do not to have access to health care.

Sunday is my nephew's birthday celebration. These kids keep growing up and having birthdays. Next it will be Christmas.
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