Oct. 31st, 2013


Oct. 31st, 2013 07:32 pm
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As an afterthought on the way home from work, I bought some Halloween candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. I got my first couple of kids at 6:45. They were being followed by their dad (I hope) driving a van. Boris, my black cat, ran out the door as I was handing out my big handfuls of candy. I ran out to retrieve him and locked him in the bedroom. There is no telling what might happen to a black cat out on Halloween. Actually, I have only had one cat who I ever let out. That was Jones, the tuxedo alley cat. He was an adopted stray, so for a long time I could not keep him indoors. Except on Halloween.

There are not too many kids coming to my door tonight. I think it is because most of my neighbors do not have their porch lights on. My street must not seem worth the trouble. The next kid that comes might just get my whole bowl so I can be done with it. I will definitely shut down at 8:00. Any later and all you get are obnoxious teenagers. I have enough of them all day teaching high school.

I am keeping busy doing laundry and reading. I got this big wheeled duffel bag for the Bimini trip, and it is all packed. Actually, I am going to have to unpack and repack it tonight because I want to include some of the things I washed and go over the list again to make sure I have everything. I think I will transfer any breakables to my carry-on. A duffel is not sturdy luggage. I only hope my diving fins will survive the abuse. The main reason I got the duffel was to hold my fins. They are too large for carry-on suitcases.

In 2 days a new adventure begins! I can hardly believe it is almost here. All this week I have been preparing lesson plans and materials for my week-long substitute teacher. I think I am really ready, except for that unpacking and repacking tonight.


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